2015 ADF Participants


Ballet Etudes (Gilbert, AZ) – Pre-professional Ballet

BALLETETUDES-Genesis0115_6685 CrpdContact: Amy Wudel, Choreographer/Instructor ~ 480-558-2080 or info@balletetudes.net

Website: http://www.balletetudes.net

Ballet Etudes was created by Sharon Seder Meko in 1986 to fulfill the artistic needs of serious young dancers who desire performing opportunities of the highest caliber. Company members are selected through open auditions by a panel of adjudicators each August, and if selected, the dancers strive to meet the same high artistic standards of a professional company in their dance training, rehearsals and performances. Ballet Etudes founded Gilbert’s BE School of Dance in 2010.

Program Info: “Breathless” choreographed by Amy Wudel to music by Brain Crain explores the energy of breath as a life source. The inhale suspension, and the exhale release are portrayed in both movement quality, spacial relationships, and staging. The dancers performing on Saturday night are Brooklyn Brown, Sarah Diniz, Bridget Morgan, Sophie Kunzelman and Malorie Lundgren.


Canyon Movement Company (Flagstaff, AZ) – Modern Dance

02277-Desert-Dance-Theatre-Genesis-Project-2015-Canyon-Movement-Dance-Company-Male-Dancer-Nathaniel-Haviland-leaping-in-the-air-Tempe-20150110_DSC7696-newContact: Gina Darlington, Artistic Director ~ cmcgina1@gmail.com

Website: http://www.canyonmovementcompany.org

Canyon Movement Company (CMC), established in 1993, is a modern dance ensemble from Flagstaff, AZ. CMC is a collective group of choreographers, dancers, and film makers who work together to share their love of dance through performance and education throughout the Southwest. Founder and director Gina Darlington has led the company to regional and international events. The company ‘s school, Canyon Dance Academy, provides many dance opportunities for Flagstaff youth. Recently the company began working with the Dance for PD program at the Mark Morris Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Program Info: “Collider” was choreographed by Chelsea Taylor to music by Dan Romer, Benh Zeitlin and Hans Zimmer. It was born from a fascination with subatomic particles, our smallest observable animated beings and our innate compulsion to find humanistic relations between them. Even, perhaps, imposing a strange sort of romance on them. This is a tribute to the proton, the neutron, the electron, and all the space between. Dancers performing on Saturday night are Angie Danca, Karli Haviland, Nathaniel Haviland, Stacia Simonsen, Jessica Taylor and Cori Wall.


CGCC TranscenDANCE (Chandler, AZ) – Chandler Gilbert Community College Dance

CGCCTRANSCENDANCE-ADF1014_2357Contact: Cheri Burns McDowell, Dance Director ~ cheri.mcdowell@cgc.edu or 480-732-7136
TranscenDANCE is Chandler-Gilbert Community College’s traveling student dance company. CGCC is located in the southeast valley in Chandler, AZ. This group of dancers represent CGCC in faculty, student and community performing events. They also participate in professional outreach programs, college level workshops and festivals throughout the community.
Program Info: CGCC TranscenDANCE Company will perform “When You Wake Up In A Forest” choreographed by Janelle Paris to the music, “Marathon (In Roses)” by Gem Club and “For Teda and Endlalaus II” by Olafur Arnolds (music edited by Janelle Paris), and set constructed by Ron Keller. Dancers performing on Friday night are: Melissa Branson, Hannah Handgis, Caroline Herrera, Ari Lara, Myra Marquez, Courtney Miles, Nikki Nino and Courtney Vogel.


Crossroads Performance Group (Mesa, AZ) – Interdisciplinary Music and Dance Collaboration

Shadow 1009 Cropped copyContact: Lisa R. Chow & Step Raptis, Artistic Directors ~ CrossroadsDuo@yahoo.com or 480-969-6683

Crossroads Performance Group is an interdisciplinary music and dance collaboration between Lisa R. Chow and Step Raptis. They create performances that intrigues the imagination through the merging of music, dance and drama.

Program Info: “Kalimba” (Work in Progress) is an abstract, playful, but intimate dance duet. Performers are Lisa R. Chow and Step Raptis.


Desert Dance Theatre (Tempe, AZ) – Contemporary Modern Dance Theatre


Contact: Lisa R. Chow, Artistic Director ~ Lisa@DesertDanceTheatre.org or 480-962-4584

Website: www.DesertDanceTheatre.org

Desert Dance Theatre is a contemporary dance theatre company that was established in 1979. The company was founded by graduates from Arizona State University Dance Department. The ASU Alums wanted to dance professionally in Arizona during an era where there were very few dance companies. As a pioneer in the Arizona dance world, Desert Dance Theatre continues to provide dance education in the schools and communities and also produces and creates innovative dance works within their eclectic repertory.

Program Info: Desert Dance Theatre will premiere a new work called, “Into The Light” choreographed by Lisa R. Chow with original music composed to be performed live by Step Raptis. The dance was inspired by the fond memories of mentors, friends and family who have influenced and made impressionable marks in our lives in hopes to make us better humans in this world of vast changes. Both nights ~ Performers are: Angela DeDominick, Gina Garrido, George A. Johnson, Caroline Liddicoat, Alexandria Ludian, Aiyana Pack, Carrie Rosenboom, Caitanya Thialan, Radhanath Thialan and Candice Allred Vaughn.

Renee Davis, Associate Artistic Director of Desert Dance Theatre (from Austin, TX) will perform “Strange Fruit” choreographed by Lisa R. Chow to music by Billie Holiday. This past April 7th marked Billie’s 100th Birthday. As a tribute to her contribution to jazz music and her activism during the Civil Right Movement, a suite of dances to her music was performed by Desert Dance Theatre during Black History Month in February 2015 at the Chandler Center for the Arts.

About the Song ~ In the 1930s, when Holiday was working with Columbia Records, she was first introduced to the poem “Strange Fruit,” an emotional piece about the lynching of a black man. Though Columbia would not allow her to record the piece due to subject matter, Holiday went on to record the song with an alternate label, Commodore, and the song eventually became one of Holiday’s classics. It was “Strange Fruit” that eventually prompted Lady Day to continue more of her signature, moving ballads.


 Diane McNeal Hunt/ELEVATE DanceWorks (Tempe, AZ) Contemporary Modern Dance

11402284_10207199436770544_4785053751124862524_o (1)Contact: Diane McNeal Hunt ~ Call or text: (480)276-4347 or huntvanek@mac.com

Diane McNeal Hunt/ELEVATE DanceWorks: Innovative, creative, collaborative, technically strong and expressive Contemporary Dance! ELEVATE DanceWorks is dedicated to upholding the top level of artistry

Diane McNeal Hunt, (Founding Artistic Director / Choreographer), presents an eclectic palette of choreography, showcasing her dancers who deftly express the concept and intent behind her work. Ms. Hunt coaches dancers to find an authentic and honest way of integrating movement in their bodies, resulting in articulate, dynamic and captivating performances. Choreographic inspiration for Ms. Hunt comes through creating with her powerful core of dancers who share a common passion and vision.

ELEVATE’s repertoire includes mesmerizing choreography by Ms. Hunt that features original masks by acclaimed artist, Zarco Guerrero. Hunt and Guerrero have enjoyed vital collaborations for over 30 years. Annually, ELEVATE celebrates Arizona’s rich Latino culture with performances in the Dia de los Muertos Festivals and the El Puente Festival. Ms. Hunt is honored to have her works selected to showcase nationally at: Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival, ODC/San Francisco, MixMatch Dance Festival (L.A./Santa Monica), danceXchange (Temecula, CA), Dance in the Desert Festival (Las Vegas), Conder Dance/Breaking Ground: Dance and Film Festival (Tempe, AZ), BETA Dance Festival (Phoenix), Arizona Dance Festival (Tempe, AZ). As Resident Choreographer/Outreach Education Director for Center Dance Ensemble, Ms. Hunt’s choreography is featured at the Herberger Theater Center in Phoenix. Her works are also commissioned by other Arizona companies and college programs.

At the HEART of Ms. Hunt’s work exists a career-long devotion to Arts Education.

Program Info: Diane McNeal Hunt / ELEVATE DanceWorks shares a duet titled, “WINDSWEPT”, choreographed by Artistic Director, Diane McNeal Hunt and performed by Elaine Keightley Fields and Amber Robins on Friday evening. This is one, in a series of duets choreographed by Ms. Hunt that explores and expresses aspects of Wind. Ms. Hunt is choreographing a large body of works using the concept, “Forces of Nature”, that includes collaboration with world renowned mask maker, Zarco Guerrero who is creating original masks to highlight Ms. Hunt’s choreography.


Dulce Dance Company (Phoenix, AZ) – Contemporary Modern Dance

DULCE-ADF1014SAT_3979Contact: Candy Jimenez, Artistic Director ~  602-570-7635 or dulcedanceco@cox.net

Website:  www.dulcedancecompany.com

Founded and directed by Candy Jimenez, Dulce continues it’s 9th season. Dulce is a Contemporary Modern Dance Company emphasizing technical artistic expression. Dulce’s mission is to choreograph, perform, and communicate our ideas, emotions and stories through dance; to instill the passion of dance in each and every member of our audience by performing interesting, athletic, passionate and provocative movements of inspiration; and to enrich our community, through the vision of unique, interpretive and original movement.

Program Info: Dulce Dance Company performs a new work called “Animism” choreographed by Candy Jimenez to music by A.P.A.R.T. This  modern dance piece is about mother nature, mysterious, builds…. Dancers performing on Saturday night are Rebecca Boizelle, Lindsay Kraemer and Claire Renaud.


Elation Dance Company/Williams Field High School (Gilbert, AZ) – Contemporary Modern Dance

ELATION:WILLIAMSFIELDHS-Genesis0115_6780Contact: Robyn Kotte, Dance Director ~480-939-0453 or robyn.kotte@husd.org

The Elation Dance Company, directed by Robyn Kotte, was founded in 2007 and is the premier dance ensemble for Williams Field High School. The company focuses on developing the fundamentals of dance through strong technique training and exploration of the creative process through choreography. By discovering that dance can influence every aspect of their life the members of EDC find that their potential can be unlimited.

Program Info: Williams Field High School’s Elation Dance Company will perform “To This Day” choreographed by Robyn Kotte, Grace Brock, Ashli Brooks, Skylar Brown, Alicia Mason and Corbyn Milius to a spoken word poem by Shane Koyczan. This dramatic and thought provoking modern dance piece is an emotionally provocative look at the toll bullying takes in our society.The dancers performing on Saturday night are Darienne Bond, Lacey Brown, Lily Collins, Taylor Gercone, Gabrielle Jew, Madison Johanson, Aubrey Laitsch, Samantha Longe, Kylie McArthur, Corbyn Milius, Taylor Nesselrote, Analicia Russell, Felisya Soqui-Garcia, Ashley Waddell and Alyssa Williams.


GCC Verve Dance Company (Glendale, AZ) – Glendale Community College Dance

GCCVERVE-ADF1014_3189Contact: Rebecca Rabideau, Dance Director ~ rebecca.rabideau@gccaz.edu

Website: www.gccaz.edu/performingarts

Founded in 1989, VERVE Dance Company, the GCC resident dance company, is recognized as one of the strongest performance groups in the state of Arizona. VERVE Dance Co. presents two full-scale dance concerts yearly at Glendale Community College, while performing as guest artists in multiple venues across the state. Members of VERVE Dance Co. have the opportunity to work with local dance companies, train with internationally and nationally renowned guest teachers and choreographers, and mount their own choreographic works on the VERVE dancers. Past VERVE Dance Co. members have gone on to dance professionally with local and national dance companies, transfer to four-year dance programs, and work as professional dance educators and choreographers. Membership in VERVE Dance Co. is by audition only.

Program Info: Verve Dance Company performs in a new dance called, “Acquiescence” choreographed by Quita Love-Cheramie with input from the dancers to the music, “Night vs. Lullaby” by Meredith Monk (featuring Matt Marks Remix), and Sound Design by Quita Love-Cheramie. The piece is an open exploration of the modern mob mentality, slightly menacing, slightly inhuman, utilizing repetitive and robotic movements to create a world of conformity. Dancers performing on Friday night are Katlin Beechler, Ashley Blinka, Sydney Christensen, Saren Coughlin, Kaylin Diaz, Kammie Drury, Mayra Garcia, Nicole Harris, Jessie Mitchel, Crystal Mora, Carla Ramirez, Nichole Reyes,  Tyler Tobyne, Emily Weber and Kierra La’Don Williams.


Julianne Ramsey (New York, NY) – Classical Ballet

image002 Crpd2Contact: Julianne Ramsey ~ 405-605-9825 or julianneramseyballet@gmail.com

Social Media ~ Instagram: @julianneramsey     Facebook: www.facebook.com/julianneramseyballet     YouTube: julianneramseyballet     Twitter: @julianne_ramsey

Julianne Ramsey is a classical ballet dancer who has trained and performed in St. Petersburg, Russia, London, England, New York, New York, Finland and Scotland. She has performed principal, soloist, and corps de ballet roles in classical, neoclassical and contemporary works by noted choreographers. She continues to perform throughout the United States and abroad.

Program Info: Julianne Ramsey perform different excerpts from timeless classical ballets including Coppélia, Le Corsaire, Grand Pas Classique, Carnival in Venice and Don Quixote on each night.


Kalaa Kendra Kathak (Gilbert, AZ) – Classical Dance of India

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.48.23 AMContact: Radhika Kotwal, Director/Founder ~ (602) 323-7949 or radhikakotwal@gmail.com

Website: http://radhikakotwal.com

Foot to earth, at the tender age of 9, Radhika began her journey in Kathak. Under the tutelage of her Guru, Smt Smruti Vora she graduated as Nritya Visharad. From student, to dancer and now guru herself, Radhika has pioneered efforts to increase awareness for Kathak in the United States by presenting several solo performances, serving on panels, organizing and conducting intense workshop series’ and lecture demonstrations. She has been invited to judge various classical competitions and also as a national level Kathak examiner. In addition to her formal kathak education, Radhika is a trained classical Hindustani singer graduating as “Upaantya Vishaarad”. With 20 yrs of experience, in 2006 Radhika founded Kalaa Kendra Kathak Institute, in Chandler, Arizona to preserve and promote ancient art of Kathak.

Program Info: On Friday night, Radhika Kotwal and Yumi La Rosa collaborate as FlamenKathak in “Bells and Shoes.” Flamenco meets Kathak with percussive rhythms created by bells and shoes.


Kaleidoscape Dance (Phoenix, AZ) – Contemporary Modern Dance

Amber RobinsContact: Amber J. Robins, Co-Founder ~ 602-505-1913 or  info@kaleidoscapedance.com

Website: www.kaleidoscapedance.com

Kaleidoscape Dance is a young company with the purpose of sharing the beauty of form through the art of dance.

Amber J. Robins is excited to be in her 15th season with Center Dance Ensemble. After receiving her BA in dance from Arizona State University she went on to perform with Ballet South in Savannah, GA, where she danced both with the corps de ballet and solo roles. Soon after returning to Arizona she danced with local modern companies and traveled with a touring dance group to Las Vegas. Currently Amber is a full-time company member of CDE, company teacher and performing in CDE’s school touring shows The ABC’s of Dance and Poetry ’n Motion.  She also is the co-owner of Kaleidoscape Dance and teaches dance and fitness classes. Amber has been married to Jim for ten years and together they share their home with three great kids, two dogs and two cats!  She is very thankful to have all she has.

Program Info: Dancer/Choreographer, Amber Robins performs “Broken” to the music by Twisted Measure, composed by Sia and Jesse Shatkin. “Broken” is a personal piece depicting the never-ending cycle of self-defeating behavior and inner struggle with personal choices.


Kelly Roth & Cynthia DuFault (Las Vegas, NV) – Modern Dance

KELLYROTH-Genesis0115_6331Contact: Kelly Roth, Choreographer ~ 702-504-4578 or kelly.roth@csn.edu

Kelly Roth & Dancers was founded in New York City in 1978, giving its debut performance in January of the following year at Lincoln Square. Since Mr. Roth’s departure from the city in 1985 the company has followed him to various locations across the United States, including Arizona, Wisconsin, and for the past several years in Nevada. As a now western-based organization, Mr. Roth & company have appeared at the Avignon Festival in France, the International Choreographic Festival in Mexico City, the Prague Dance and Theatre Festival, the Dance Grand Prix Italia, the Barcelona Dance Awards, and to frequent engagements around the western United States. Kelly Roth & Dancers is in residence at the College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas. The company fluctuates in size depending on project needs. The post-modern repertory is generated by choreographer Kelly Roth and covers a wide variety of subject matter and approaches from pure abstraction to dance theatre with an often comedic flare.

Program Info: Kelly Roth and Cynthia DuFault perform in a duet excerpt from a suite of dances entitled, “PERMANENT WAVE SOCIETY” with music by John Adams from “Alleged Dances” played by Kronos Quartet.


Movement Source Dance Company (Phoenix, AZ) – Contemporary Modern Dance

Dance-58Contact: Mary Anne Herding, Artistic Director ~ 602-957-6561 or movementsource@gmail.com

Website: www.movementsourcedancecompany.org

Movement Source is an innovative, mutl media modern dance company in the valley, creating exciting new works each season. The company is dedicated to hearing impaired populations, teaching workshops annually at PDSD and integrating ASL into major performances. Movement Source has an outreach program, offers open company classes weekly, and performs in a variety of settings to bring dance to many populations. The company has been directed since it’s inception in 1989 by Mary Anne Fernandez Herding, and co director, Susan Pine Harris joined in company direction shortly after that. The company welcomes collaborators in live music, visual art, poetry, video and other art forms to partner with dance each year.

Program Info: MSDC performs “Unfold” by guest choreographer, Jordan Kriston (from Pilobolus Dance Company) to the music of Aphex Twins and Grimes. The dancers performing on Friday night are Omaya Ahmad, Mary Anne Fernandez Herding, Kristen Hugins, Jennifer Kaufman Fourness, Kelly Martell Scovel and Claire Renaud. This creative and artistic dance piece explores the concept of embracing things in our lives – the process we go through to face difficult, challenging aspects of life, through expressive, athletic, interactive movement.


Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre (Long Beach, CA) – Contemporary Modern Dance

NANNETTEBRODIE-ADF1014_2678Contact: Nannette Brodie, Artistic Director ~ nannette@nbdt.net or Office 562-598-7182 or Cell 562-355-2815

Website: www.nannettebrodiedance.org 

Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre (NBDT) presents two works in this year’s Arizona Dance Festival. NBDT, founded in 1986, has produced many invitational concerts in California and the So-Cal Dance Invitational for Orange County is in its fourth year. The L.A. So-Cal Dance Invitational made its debut at the Ford Amphitheater in August 2013 and returned with a successful LA So-Cal Dance Invitational in 2014. The company has performed in New York, California, Nevada, Illinois, Utah, Mexico, Finland, Czech Republic and France. Nannette is an alumnus of the Nikolais-Louis Dance Lab in New York. She received the Else Loudon Solo Award for her choreography at the Palm Desert Dancing Under the Stars Festival in 2002, the “Daffy” Award from the Dance in the Desert Festival in 2007. This year, Nannette was named the Outstanding Arts Educator in Dance for the City of Huntington Beach.

Erica Villalpando is also presenting a piece in the festival. She is a dance and Pilates instructor having served on the faculty at Golden West College, Orange Coast College, CSULB and Chapman University. She has danced with NBDT for 17 seasons and has participated in all NBDT tours. Erica is currently company rehearsal director for NBDT.

Program Info: Nannette Brodie Dance Theatre will perform two dances on Saturday night. “Journey of Change” was choreographed by Erica Villalpando and Dancers to music by Zoe Keating. The piece explores the dynamics of a relationship of two men and one woman from tenderness to opposition, and resolve.  The piece, choreographed by NBDT company member, Erica Villalpando, was first performed in 2008 for the Invitational Concert at Golden West College Theater. Dancers performing this piece are Javier Gonzalez,  Stephanie Maxim and Ismael Murillo.

The other dance on the program is “Vientos de Andalucia” choreographed by Nannette Brodie and Company to music by Adam Hurst, Spanish Trance, traditional bulerias and palmas, and Caravan Rhythms. The imagery for this piece is based on the journey of the Moors traveling to Andalucia, Spain bringing the gypsy styles and rhythms and later the beginnings of Flamenco and Gitano music and dance. The cast of dancers include: Priya Chisti, Javier Gonzalez, Cristina Kole, Stephanie Maxim, Ismael Murillo, Kelly Ray, Jennie Sustaita and Erica Villalpando.


Prolifics Dance Company (Phoenix, AZ) – Contemporary Modern Dance

966202_10203797614530838_7680322587527325742_oContact: Christopher Biles, Artistic Director ~ 623-760-2816 or facebook.com/prolificsdancecompany

Website: www.prolificsdancecompany.com

The Prolifics Dance Company was founded and created by Artistic Director Christopher Biles. His vision for the company was to create performances containing a mixture of both art and popular culture that could be received by any audience. Prolifics’s performances contain a variety of dance styles, vast music selection and welcome the freedom of artistic expression.

Program Info: Prolifics Dance Company performs “Human Doers” choreographed by Cori Hallmann to music by Prince EA. Dancers performing on Friday night are Kennia Aguirre, Adam Astorga and Cori Hallmann. “There are not many human beings left anymore, a lot of human doings, plenty of human lingerings in the past, not many human beings. “ ~ Prince EA


Reyna Montoya (Mesa, AZ) – Contemporary Modern Dance

Reyna_1Contact: Reyna Montoya, Choreographer/Dancer ~ 480-430-9025 or remontoy90@gmail.com

An undocumented-DACAmented, Reyna E. Montoya teaches high school Spanish, English Language Arts, Philosophy and Dance in South Phoenix. Reyna is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from Arizona State University with two bachelor degrees in Political Science and Transborder Studies (Immigration and Economy Policy) and a Dance minor.  In 2012, she was name the “Most Outstanding Undergraduate Student” and was recognized in the Hispanic Convection. She also received the Activist of the Year. She has engaged in local, statewide and national platforms to advance justice for our communities and to engage Latinos in the civic process through voter registration and get out the vote campaigns.  She was the lead organizer of the first immigration bus in history that prevented undocumented immigrants to get deported in Phoenix, AZ in 2013. Reyna helped to organize and train the 500 immigrant families that represented our state in the AZ2DC trip to meet with Congressional representatives and advocate for immigration reform. She was also one of the organizers that lead the Hunger Strike in 2014 to fight for DAPA/DACA. She is currently studying her Master’s Degree in Secondary Education while dancing in a local professional Dance Company in Arizona and hopes to go to Law School to continue to fight deportations of the immigrant community.

Program Info: Reyna Montoya, choreographer and performer in “Rewind, Reflect, Transform”collaborates and performs with musician, Celso Mireles on Saturday night. “Rewind, Reflect, Transform” is a piece that was inspired by two major evens that happened in my life. The first one is when my dad was in detention for almost nine months due to his immigration status. The second one was when Celso, the community and I stopped for the very fist time in history an immigration bus that was about to deport undocumented immigrants.


Sanskaar Nritya Dance Academy (Chandler, AZ) – Classical Dance of India

snda_adf_2015 CrpdContact: Gauri Bhobe,  Founder/Director ~ 480-707-9001 or gauribhobe@gmail.com

Sanskaar Nritya Dance Academy was founded by Gauri Bhobe in 2005 under the guidance of her guru Shri Deepkak Mazumdar in Mumbai India. Her passion of teaching dance inspired her to open the phoenix chapter when she moved to USA. Since 2010 she has nurtured the artistic talent of more than 25 students in Phoenix who have performed  in productions like “Mallari,” “Mahishasure Mardini” and “Vande Matarm” across the valley. The academy trains students in “Abhinaya Darpanam” shlokas and intricate jatis. These dance pieces have been descended from Gurus and stalwarts like Shri T. S Kadirvelu Pillai and Shri Deepak Mazumdar.

Gauri Bhobe is recognized as Mumbai’s leading Bharat Natyam exponent. She holds a diploma in Natyashastra from Nalanda Dance Research Center and has been bestowed with prestigious titles such as”Sringar Mani”. She is a national scholarship holder and a member of Bharat Natyam proficient for Indian Council of Cultural Relations. She began her journey in dance at the tender age of five under the vigilant tutelage of Shri Deepak Mazumdar. Interested in learning tougher dance pieces, her Guru encouraged her to perform Arrangetram at the tender age of 11. Over the years with intense training and perseverance Gauri has cultivated clarity of footwork along with elegant grace. Renowned for her skills in depicting a dancer’s “bhava” (feelings) through her choreography using the art of “rasa” (expressions), Gauri stays deeply rooted to the traditional origins of Bharat Natyam.

Classes are held in chandler location on weekends. For more information visit their website. The school will be having its Annual Dance Function on 8th November at 5pm at Hamilton High School Auditorium. Free admission!!!

Program Info: SNDA founder and director Gauri Bhobe along with her students will be performing an Indian classical dance forms, Bharatanatyam, which originates from the southern part of India. This is a salutation to the prowess of Goddess (Devi) Durga, daughter of the mountains. This story depicts the legend where Durga who was created to destroy the invincible buffalo demon “Mahisasura.” The dancers will perform “Pushpanjali & Mahishasura Mardini” choreographed by Gauri Bhobe Sardesai to music by P Rama & Deepak Mazumdar. Dancers performing Saturday night are Advika Dani, Anushka Mitbander, Avantika Mitbander,  Mayura Rege and Gauri Bhobe Sardesai.


SCC Instinct Dancecorps (Scottsdale, AZ) – Scottsdale Community College Dance

SCCINSTINCT-Genesis0115_7230Contact: Angela Rosenkrans, Dance Director ~ 480-423-6600 or a.rosenkrans@scottsdalecc.edu Website: scottsdalecc.edu/dance

Instinct Dancecorps is a nationally recognized and award winning repertory company hosting the versatile works of nationally and internationally known choreographers. It is a professional company housed at Scottsdale Community College, benefiting from the many opportunities available in a college setting. Each year we enjoy several guest residencies, touring opportunities and performances around the valley and the United States. It is a multi-disciplined ensemble of 10 strong-willed performers intending to express a deep felt unspeakable vision.

Program Info: Instinct Dancecorps performs a new work, “HERE” by choreographer, Christine Cali in collaboration with the dancers to music by Matt Langlois/Mat EL and text by Tyler Hooten, Fernanda Kiatazawa, Jimmy Nguyen. “HERE” grapples with how we decide to spend our time on this planet as humans. The work seeks to excavate ideas about how our self-actualizing is affected by our collision with the modern world, technology and each other in the face of a reality that humans can be both destructive and positive forces on one another. Dancers performing Friday night are RaShawn Hart, Sara Henson, Tyler Hooten, Fernanda Kitazawa, Gillian Levin, Jimmy Ngyuen, Radhanath Thialan and Brooke Woolston.


SomaKinetic Movement Collective (Tempe, AZ) – Contemporary Modern Dance

11165149_10207077329078709_803389519773157783_oContact: Brandon Trieu, Artistic Director ~ 520-424-8559 or b.trieu@aim.com

Instagram: @somakineticmovement

SomaKinectic Movement Collective is an emerging project-based dance company rooted in Tempe, Arizona. The company creates under of the direction of Brandon Trieu. Brandon is an artist, choreographer, facilitator, and educator from the Phoenix valley currently obtaining his BFA in Dance Education from Arizona State University. He is inspired by deepening the appreciation for and expanding the reach of dance art within the general and artistic Phoenix metropolitan communities. SomaKinetic Movement Collective’s sole focus is to bridge the connection between the mind, the body, and the architecture of the human experience.

Program Info: SomaKinetic Movement Collective will perform “Introspectator” choreographed by Brandon Trieu in Collaboration with Phoebe Crnich, who will perform Friday night. “Through the process of creating work, I as an artist have found that my work is deeply rooted in the realm of humanity as it relates to society, psychology, the human experience, etc. This piece is an exploration of human faith and the idea of finding a sense of ones self.” ~ Brandon Trieu


Step’s Junk Funk (Mesa, AZ) – Interdisciplinary Movement and Percussion

AmorDeBaile-2722Original CrpdContact: Step Raptis, Founder/Artistic Director ~ 602-740-7626 or StepRaptis@yahoo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/step.raptis

Step Raptis has been dancing, creating music and exploring “junk funk” since the early 1970s in Detroit, New York City, and various parts of Canada. Using found recycled and bought items that are carefully chosen for their fine tonal quality. He creates a world in which music and dance become as one entity. Step has presented choreography for groups in Canada, New York, Michigan and Arizona. On the roster of the Arizona Commission on the Arts, he has led workshops and outreach programs, sharing with youth the exhilaration of Step’s “junk funk” experience. Step is also the Associate Artistic Director and Music Director of Desert Dance Theatre and co-artistic director of Crossroads Performance Group.

Program Info: Step’s Junk Funk will perform “Everything Including the Kitchen Sink” choreographed by Step Raptis which is a development of a piece called “Everything But…” This piece ia an abstract tribute to Alvin Ailey’s “Revelations”… but not really. Performers include: Lisa R. Chow, Gina Garrido, George A. Johnson, Caroline Liddicoat, Candice Allred Vaughn, and special guest, Lolita Zuniga-Blore.


The Parking Lot Project (Phoenix, AZ) – Contemporary Modern

20150315_2114 CrpdContact: Lauri Roesch, Artistic Director ~ ljbj4rush@gmail.com

Website: TheParkingLotProject.com

The Parking Lot Project is a contemporary jazz company made up of ten dancers from various backgrounds.   All of the members have a love of dance and share that through the company.  Our goal is to create dance that is both artistic and accessible to any audience.  We believe dance is something that everyone, regardless of knowledge or background can enjoy.

Program Info: “Autopsy Suite” is a piece choreographed for The Parking Lot Project by noted New York choreographer Aaron McGloin to the music, “Lost It To Trying” by Son Lux. Aaron’s choreography is energetic and fresh with an emphasis on the interaction of the dancers through pathways and shapes. Autopsy Suite is an exploration of the musical score through this interaction. Dancers performing on Saturday night are Rosy Ferguson, Jacqueline Genung-Koch, Ashley Green, Jessica Jones, Jamie Keeling and Liz Quinal.


Yumi La Rosa Flamenco Dance Company (Chandler, AZ) – Flamenco Dance

YUMI - ADF1014_2331 CrpdContact: Yumi La Rosa, Artistic Director/Choreographer ~ (602) 692-1159 or yumi@yumilarosa.com Website: www.yumilarosa.com

Yumi “la Rosa” left her established accounting career and decided to follow her passion in flamenco dance. She set out for Spain to immerse herself in the flamenco culture as her first teacher, Lydia Torea did. Upon returning to Phoenix, Yumi joined Viva Flamenco as a company dancer. Her technical skills, beauty and grace on stage quickly transcended company work and became a soloist with Mosaico Flamenco.She was also selected as a soloist with the prestigious touring group, Calo Flamenco. As an instructor, Yumi has taught at Paradise Valley Community College, Coconino Community College, Arizona Ballet School, Arizona School of Classical Ballet, Yen-Li Chen Ballet School, al Moro dance studio, and Yumi la Rosa Dance studio. Yumi dreamed of directing and producing her own dance show since she was a child. “Mujeres,” her first production, debuted in 2009. The show was successful and Mujeres has become as annual show coordinating with other talented artists to enhance and expand the show. Yumi enjoys collaborating with other artists to explore new creations in her performance art.

Program Info: On Friday night, Yumi La Rosa and Radhika Kotwal collaborate and perform as FlamenKathak in “Bells and Shoes.” Flamenco meets Kathak with percussive rhythms created by bells and shoes.


Zona Flamenca (Buckeye, AZ) – Classical Flamenco Dance

Bernadette-8119-L CrpdContact: Bernadette Gaxiola, Artistic Director ~  zonaflamenca@gmail.com or 623-570-2427  

Zona Flamenca was recently founded by artistic director Bernadette Gaxiola with the purpose to present and educate Arizona audiences by utilizing local Flamenco Artists and Students. Her extensive experience in Flamenco / Classical Spanish/ Spanish Folk/ Mexican Folklorico/ Modern Contemporary Dance and love of all music genres enables her to stretch boundaries of Flamenco while keeping in with tradition.  She has toured extensively on the national level and continues to perform and choreograph locally. Her choreographic presentations include AZ Ballet’s “Ballet Under the Stars”-  “Metropolis”/ Radiohead; Art Rennaissance’s Vivaldi Festival -Vivaldi; Chamber Concert Series – Phillip Glass; AZ Dance Festival, just to name a few.  She continues her passion and life long journey of preserving the Andalusian Art form by creating, exploring and educating audiences and students

Program Info: Zona Flamenca will perform a different dance each night. Friday night, they will perform “Cavalier De Espagna” choreographed by Bernadette Gaxiola. This dance is a Spanish Folk Flamenco for the Vivaldi Festival. The setting influence is the North Spain territory fused with flamenco and village dances with children. “Summer, Movement 3 – Four Seasons” choreographed by Bernadette Gaxiola to the music of Antonio Vivaldi, will be performed on Saturday night. This classical Spanish dance incorporates the use of fans depicting butterflies in a summer storm. Performers for both nights are Alberto Fernandez, Bernadette Gaxiola, Claudia Welding, Julia Carmen, “La Leah,” Lolita Zuniga-Blore and Lorena LuQuine-Welding.













Bios & Class Descriptions

KarevaKareva Mateata-Allain – Tahitian choreographer, dancer, and artistic director Kareva Mateata-Allain has conducted dance workshops and boot camps in Los Angeles, Dallas, New Mexico, Phoenix, Alpine, and Chicago. As a Tahitian writer, translator, and scholar, she holds a Ph.D. in English with an emphasis in Oceanic and indigenous literatures. She is an avid Tahitian historian and cultural purveyor and is available to conduct dance, performance, and choreography workshops and boot camps for performers, provide private instruction, and present professional lectures about Tahitian culture and history.

KAHIKI Soul Fitness Revolution is a low-impact full cardio/resistance/core dance workout with a base of Tahitian dance. Learn basic Tahitian steps and easy routines with a focus on the soul/body/mind fitness and wellbeing. With a foundation of Polynesian values of strength (mana) and community, we will find centeredness, learn dance, focus, and coordination, and have a ton of fun along the journey. For men: the male dance form is powerful and warrior-like to complement the women’s softer, yet just as powerful, dance form. Bring the entire family! Traditional Tahitian dancing accompanies energetic island drums and other indigenous instruments, such as flute and dijeridoo. Tahitian dance is a low impact full cardio and resistance workout that hones coordination, strength, body memory, hip isolation, fluidity, balance, all over muscle tone, and grace.


995999_626834440701428_1913761959_nDaniel B. began his ballet training with Jonathan Watts, Larry Long at the Ruth Page Foundation, Roger Tully in London, and David Howard in New York. He danced with American Ballet Theatre, The Joffrey Ballet, and the Lar Lubovitch Dance Company. As a teacher he has worked with students at the ABT Summer Intensive in New York, The Joffrey Ballet, and continues to coach dancers privately around the world. He is noted for his knowledge of kinetic principles, music theory, and understanding of the classical form as it relates to the dance.

TDC Studio’s classical ballet classes combine several techniques including Russian, Vaganova and Cecchetti.


2013franheadshotFrances Smith Cohen is the Artistic Director of Center Dance Ensemble and a teacher, choreographer, and administrator. She is a dance graduate from Bennington College in Vermont. In 1963 Frances helped create Arizona Dance Arts Alliance in Tucson and in 1972 she co-founded the dance program at the University of Arizona. Frances began Wolf Trap in Arizona, the placing of performing artists in Head Start classrooms. She has been the regional director for this program since 1986. She also created Dance Theater West with partner Susan Silverman, and directs Center Dance Ensemble, housed at the Herberger Theater Center. Cohen is the proud recipient of the 1994 Arizona Governor’s Outstanding Artist Award, the 2004 Women Who Care Lifetime Achievement Award, and the 2010 Childsplay’s Pied Piper Award for her contributions to arts education. Most recently she was one of the final 10 recipients to receive the Arizona Cultural Keepers Award celebrating Arizona’s 100th birthday.  She is co-author of “Dance Essential Skills” and “Performing Dance Standards” for the Arizona Department of Education.

Intermediate Modern Dance/Graham Technique
Martha Graham (May 11, 1894 –April 1, 1991) is considered the mother of modern dance. She created the only fully codified modern dance technique, choreographed over 150 works during her lifetime, and has had a remarkable impact on the entire field of modern dance. Her technique’s deviation from classical ballet and use of specific body movements such as the contraction, release, and spiral have had profound influence on the development of modern dance.


ChadChad Michael Hall – Founded in 2013, MULTIPLEX DANCE is the brainchild of Choreographer, Assistant Professor of Dance at UC Irvine, and former member of Diavolo Dance Theater, Chad Michael Hall. Based in Los Angeles, CA. Hall has been choreographing original dance works since 2006. His highly-athletic and acrobatic movement style and edgy, cyberpunk aesthetic have made him a sought-after choreographer and teacher among dance companies, festivals, schools and universities around the country. His obsessions with computer technology, electronic music, and science-fiction drive him to create dances that integrate live dancing with digital media.
Check him out here: https://www.facebook.com/multiplexdance


Darbaar-128-Anil copy Radhika Kotwal – Foot to earth, at the tender age of 9, Radhika began her journey in Kathak. Under the tutelage of her Guru, Smt Smruti Vora she graduated as Nritya Visharad. From student, to dancer and now guru herself, Radhika has pioneered efforts to increase awareness for Kathak in the United States by presenting several solo performances, serving on panels, organizing and conducting intense workshop series’ and lecture demonstrations. She has been invited to judge various classical competitions and also as a national level Kathak examiner. In addition to her formal kathak education, Radhika is a trained classical Hindustani singer graduating as “Upaantya Vishaarad”. With 20 yrs of experience, in 2006 Radhika founded Kalaa Kendra Kathak Institute, in Chandler, Arizona to preserve and promote ancient art of Kathak.

Kalaa Kendra, Center for Performing Arts, serves to celebrate and enrich the purity and beauty of Kathak dance. Kathak, one of the 8 forms of Indian classical dances and pays homage to the ancient traditions of nomadic storytelling. Hailing from the north, this form of classical dance symbolizes grace and subtlety through its emotive abhinaya, or expression, while punctuated with vigorous, powerful footwork and energetic pirouettes.
Since its inception in 2006, Kalaa Kendra has had the privilege of sharing our unique style Kathak with the Arizona community through several dance productions and has most recently delved into collaborative pieces fusing Flamenco & Kathak, tap & ballet.
Our students are taught in the traditions and sampradaya hailing from the revered Lucknow Gharana. Following initial, rigorous training in fundamentals, students will delve deep into the intricacies and complexities of Kathak as they embark on their 7-year curriculum study toward graduation. In addition to regular classes, Kalaa Kendra Students attend advanced choreography sessions, have unique opportunities for workshops and lectures with renowned world artists, and perform at annual programs, events & festivals further enriching their Kathak curriculum.

DSC_0529 copyYumi “La Rosa” left her established accounting career and decided to follow her passion in flamenco dance.  After studying Flamenco through well-known Flamenco artists in Spain, she started to teach the art form in the valley. Over the last 11 years, Yumi has taught locally at Paradise Valley Community College, Coconino Community College, Arizona Ballet School, Arizona School of Classical Ballet, Yen-Li Chen Ballet School, Silk Road dance studio, and the Yumi la Rosa Dance studio. Yumi teamed up with another artist and produced her own show, “Mujeres” in 2009. The show was successful, and she has made “Mujeres” into an annual show coordinating with other talented artists to enhance and expand the show. Yumi enjoys collaborating with other artists to explore new creation in her performance art.

The Sevillana is an old folk dance from Southern Spain. It is danced by couples of all ages and both sexes.  This folk dance is performed during the fairs and festivals on the street.  In class, we will be covering the steps, hand clapping, and arm movements to enhance the dance. We will be practicing in pairs, but there is no need to bring a partner.


MaxMax Pollak is one of the most highly regarded figures in the world of percussive dance and World Music today. Recognized worldwide as the creator of “RumbaTap”, he was the first person to merge American Rhythm Tap with authentic Afro-Cuban music and dance. He is the only non-Cuban member of the world’s foremost Afro-Cuban Rumba and folklore ensemble Los Muñequitos de Matanzas. They have performed his RumbaTap choreography world-wide over the past decade. He is one of very few tap artists who work live with large classical ensembles, having recently performed Morton Gould’s Tap Dance Concerto with the 85 piece Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra. Pollak has published articles on tap dance in several international publications including Dance Magazine; has recorded with Cyro Baptista, Pedrito Martinez, Bobby Sanabria, the Paul Carlon Octet, Grupo Los Santos, TrioNada, and members of the Tito Puente Orchestra. His first CD release as a leader is scheduled for this fall, featuring ground-breaking new recording techniques for tap dance on custom-designed tap boxes and daring arrangements with a saxophone quartet, a marimba, three tuned gourds and three vocalists. He has appeared in films and documentaries including the critically claimed Como Se Forma Una Rumba with some of Cuba’s most prestigious salsa musicians; and was the tap coach for lead actor Pablo Veron on the Sally Potter film The Tango Lesson.

Grupo Los Santos are five world-class artists bring together their experience of New York inspired jazz and cuban folklore song and dance to create an unforgettable experience featuring the rumbatap of Max Pollak. Don’t miss this great workshop and collaboration of music and dance!!
www.grupolossantos.com     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDhuKC9DkDE      www.rumbatap.com


199150_10150105310793292_4707333_nJessica Rajko received her MFA in Dance and Interdisciplinary Digital Media at Arizona State University in 2009 and her BA in Dance and Psychology at Hope College in 2005. Her arts practice spans from traditional dance performance/choreography to interactive digital art. As a practicing artist, Jessica’s work with movement and digital media includes dance performance, dance for camera, electronic wearables, and interactive installations with movement-based control. She has collaborated artists such as Mary Fitzgerald, David Therrien, Todd Ingalls, Lisa Tolentino, Robert Esler, Casey Farina, and Christopher Martinez. She performed as a company member with A Ludwig Dance Theatre and CONDER/dance Company and has performed in choreography by Ashleigh Leite, Liliana Gomez, Nora Chipaumire, and Keith Johnson, and Charlotte Boye-Christensen.  Jessica taught dance technique at Arizona State University, Grand Canyon University, and Scottsdale Community College before taking a fulltime position as the Artist Services Coordinator for the Arizona Commission on the Arts. She currently teaches regular dance technique class at the Phoenix Center for the Arts. Jessica is the Co-Founder of urbanSTEW, a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire and expand the relevance of digital arts in the community. Through urbanSTEW, Jessica has developed artist workshops, curated interactive art installations, and created multidisciplinary artwork.