The company provides classes in modern dance, ballet, jazz, creative movement, improvisation, choreography, and repertory presented by skilled and experienced teachers.

 – Movement classes with live accompaniment oriented toward student training in modern dance, ballet, jazz, creative movement, improvisation, choreography and repertory.

Children and adults are introduced to contemporary dance through narrated performances which may include audience participation and discussion.

LECTURE/DEMONSTRATION – A 30-45 minute narrated presentation which may include demonstrations of dances from the current repertory, audience participation
and discussion.

Featuring a variety of dance selections, Desert Dance Theatre performs innovative and original concerts. The company also performs mini-concerts, collaborative concerts, children’s programs, specially choreographed works, improvisational and environmental performances.

FORMAL CONCERT – A 60-90 minute dance presentation featuring the company in a variety of dance repertory, ranging in mood from comical to dramatic and abstract to lyrical;                            combining elements of modern dance, ballet, jazz and mime. Spoken voice, original music, classical, new age, jazz and contemporary are examples of the range of styles of                                 accompainment used by the company.

MINI-CONCERT – a 45 minute performance of selected dances from the current repertory.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS – Collaborative works designed by request

Residencies may consist of a combination of classes,lecture demostrations and concerts. Each program is developed in conjunction with the sponsor in a way to fit the needs of the school or community.

FULL WEEK RESIDENCY – A 5-day residency which may include any combination of services.
For example, Lecture/Demonstraions, Master Classes, and a Formal Concert.

HALF WEEK RESIDENCY – A 2-1/2 – 3 day residency which may include which may include any         combination of services.

CONCERT 7-30   $5000 to $7500*
MINI CONCERT 5-10  $1500 to $3500*
LECTURE/DEMONSTRATION 3-10  $600 to $1200*
MASTER CLASSES 2-4  $150 to $300*

Fees do not include travel accomodations or per diem
All fees are negotiable.
* Based on specific program and number of
performers/teachers involved
** Must not exceed over 30 students per class.
*** Based on number of services and overnight accommodations available.

Sister Moses: The Story of Harriet Tubman

Sister Moses: The Story of Harriet Tubman is a beautiful story of a courageous woman’s determination to free her people from slavery through the Underground Railroad. She was one of America’s first liberated women of color, who fought against all odds for the sake of freedom and equality. Our goal in producing this program is to bring light to the incredible accomplishments of Harriet Tubman, the anti-slavery activist.

Desert Dance Theatre’s artistic directors, Marion Kirk Jones, Renee Davis, and Lisa R. Chow created Sister Moses, along with music director, John D. Anthony. The concept and much of the work was researched collaboratively with the help of Susan Smith, director of String Sounds (quartet). The script is embellished with traditional spirituals, slave songs and other music of that time around the Civil War Era.

Since the production’s premiere at the Herberger Theater Center in January of 1993, Sister Moses has been performed in various sold out venues throughout the Phoenix area including: Chandler Center for the Arts, Gammage Auditorium, Scottsdale Center for the Arts; and several high school auditoriums. The company’s out of state performances include venues within Las Vegas, Nevada and Austin, Texas. Over 50,000 audience members of all ages have enjoyed the experience of Sister Moses.

This powerful dance drama features Desert Dance Theatre with Renee Davis as Harriet Tubman, dramatic narration by Renee Morgan Brooks, African drumming and music direction by Step Raptis, accompaniment by String Sounds and traditional spirituals sung by a choral ensemble featuring baritone soloist, Greg Dansby. The unique blend of this 45-minute multidisciplinary presentation highlights the most important episodes of Harriet Tubman’s life.

Sister Moses is a valuable educational tool in bringing this period of history alive. It shares the knowledge and experience of the struggles and accomplishments of Harriet Tubman that will bring a source of inspiration to students and adults alike. The program follows Tubman’s life as a young slave on a Southern Plantation, her attempts to escape slavery, her work on the Underground Railroad, and her contributions to the Abolitionist movement. Slave songs from that period are featured for their significance as a means of passing information among the slaves. Hidden in the lyrics were vital escape details.

For more information, contact Desert Dance Theatre at 480-962-4584