Bios & Class Descriptions


Bios & Class Descriptions

KarevaKareva Mateata-Allain – Tahitian choreographer, dancer, and artistic director Kareva Mateata-Allain has conducted dance workshops and boot camps in Los Angeles, Dallas, New Mexico, Phoenix, Alpine, and Chicago. As a Tahitian writer, translator, and scholar, she holds a Ph.D. in English with an emphasis in Oceanic and indigenous literatures. She is an avid Tahitian historian and cultural purveyor and is available to conduct dance, performance, and choreography workshops and boot camps for performers, provide private instruction, and present professional lectures about Tahitian culture and history.

KAHIKI Soul Fitness Revolution is a low-impact full cardio/resistance/core dance workout with a base of Tahitian dance. Learn basic Tahitian steps and easy routines with a focus on the soul/body/mind fitness and wellbeing. With a foundation of Polynesian values of strength (mana) and community, we will find centeredness, learn dance, focus, and coordination, and have a ton of fun along the journey. For men: the male dance form is powerful and warrior-like to complement the women’s softer, yet just as powerful, dance form. Bring the entire family! Traditional Tahitian dancing accompanies energetic island drums and other indigenous instruments, such as flute and dijeridoo. Tahitian dance is a low impact full cardio and resistance workout that hones coordination, strength, body memory, hip isolation, fluidity, balance, all over muscle tone, and grace.


995999_626834440701428_1913761959_nDaniel B. began his ballet training with Jonathan Watts, Larry Long at the Ruth Page Foundation, Roger Tully in London, and David Howard in New York. He danced with American Ballet Theatre, The Joffrey Ballet, and the Lar Lubovitch Dance Company. As a teacher he has worked with students at the ABT Summer Intensive in New York, The Joffrey Ballet, and continues to coach dancers privately around the world. He is noted for his knowledge of kinetic principles, music theory, and understanding of the classical form as it relates to the dance.

TDC Studio’s classical ballet classes combine several techniques including Russian, Vaganova and Cecchetti.


2013franheadshotFrances Smith Cohen is the Artistic Director of Center Dance Ensemble and a teacher, choreographer, and administrator. She is a dance graduate from Bennington College in Vermont. In 1963 Frances helped create Arizona Dance Arts Alliance in Tucson and in 1972 she co-founded the dance program at the University of Arizona. Frances began Wolf Trap in Arizona, the placing of performing artists in Head Start classrooms. She has been the regional director for this program since 1986. She also created Dance Theater West with partner Susan Silverman, and directs Center Dance Ensemble, housed at the Herberger Theater Center. Cohen is the proud recipient of the 1994 Arizona Governor’s Outstanding Artist Award, the 2004 Women Who Care Lifetime Achievement Award, and the 2010 Childsplay’s Pied Piper Award for her contributions to arts education. Most recently she was one of the final 10 recipients to receive the Arizona Cultural Keepers Award celebrating Arizona’s 100th birthday.  She is co-author of “Dance Essential Skills” and “Performing Dance Standards” for the Arizona Department of Education.

Intermediate Modern Dance/Graham Technique
Martha Graham (May 11, 1894 –April 1, 1991) is considered the mother of modern dance. She created the only fully codified modern dance technique, choreographed over 150 works during her lifetime, and has had a remarkable impact on the entire field of modern dance. Her technique’s deviation from classical ballet and use of specific body movements such as the contraction, release, and spiral have had profound influence on the development of modern dance.


ChadChad Michael Hall – Founded in 2013, MULTIPLEX DANCE is the brainchild of Choreographer, Assistant Professor of Dance at UC Irvine, and former member of Diavolo Dance Theater, Chad Michael Hall. Based in Los Angeles, CA. Hall has been choreographing original dance works since 2006. His highly-athletic and acrobatic movement style and edgy, cyberpunk aesthetic have made him a sought-after choreographer and teacher among dance companies, festivals, schools and universities around the country. His obsessions with computer technology, electronic music, and science-fiction drive him to create dances that integrate live dancing with digital media.
Check him out here:


Darbaar-128-Anil copy Radhika Kotwal – Foot to earth, at the tender age of 9, Radhika began her journey in Kathak. Under the tutelage of her Guru, Smt Smruti Vora she graduated as Nritya Visharad. From student, to dancer and now guru herself, Radhika has pioneered efforts to increase awareness for Kathak in the United States by presenting several solo performances, serving on panels, organizing and conducting intense workshop series’ and lecture demonstrations. She has been invited to judge various classical competitions and also as a national level Kathak examiner. In addition to her formal kathak education, Radhika is a trained classical Hindustani singer graduating as “Upaantya Vishaarad”. With 20 yrs of experience, in 2006 Radhika founded Kalaa Kendra Kathak Institute, in Chandler, Arizona to preserve and promote ancient art of Kathak.

Kalaa Kendra, Center for Performing Arts, serves to celebrate and enrich the purity and beauty of Kathak dance. Kathak, one of the 8 forms of Indian classical dances and pays homage to the ancient traditions of nomadic storytelling. Hailing from the north, this form of classical dance symbolizes grace and subtlety through its emotive abhinaya, or expression, while punctuated with vigorous, powerful footwork and energetic pirouettes.
Since its inception in 2006, Kalaa Kendra has had the privilege of sharing our unique style Kathak with the Arizona community through several dance productions and has most recently delved into collaborative pieces fusing Flamenco & Kathak, tap & ballet.
Our students are taught in the traditions and sampradaya hailing from the revered Lucknow Gharana. Following initial, rigorous training in fundamentals, students will delve deep into the intricacies and complexities of Kathak as they embark on their 7-year curriculum study toward graduation. In addition to regular classes, Kalaa Kendra Students attend advanced choreography sessions, have unique opportunities for workshops and lectures with renowned world artists, and perform at annual programs, events & festivals further enriching their Kathak curriculum.

DSC_0529 copyYumi “La Rosa” left her established accounting career and decided to follow her passion in flamenco dance.  After studying Flamenco through well-known Flamenco artists in Spain, she started to teach the art form in the valley. Over the last 11 years, Yumi has taught locally at Paradise Valley Community College, Coconino Community College, Arizona Ballet School, Arizona School of Classical Ballet, Yen-Li Chen Ballet School, Silk Road dance studio, and the Yumi la Rosa Dance studio. Yumi teamed up with another artist and produced her own show, “Mujeres” in 2009. The show was successful, and she has made “Mujeres” into an annual show coordinating with other talented artists to enhance and expand the show. Yumi enjoys collaborating with other artists to explore new creation in her performance art.

The Sevillana is an old folk dance from Southern Spain. It is danced by couples of all ages and both sexes.  This folk dance is performed during the fairs and festivals on the street.  In class, we will be covering the steps, hand clapping, and arm movements to enhance the dance. We will be practicing in pairs, but there is no need to bring a partner.


MaxMax Pollak is one of the most highly regarded figures in the world of percussive dance and World Music today. Recognized worldwide as the creator of “RumbaTap”, he was the first person to merge American Rhythm Tap with authentic Afro-Cuban music and dance. He is the only non-Cuban member of the world’s foremost Afro-Cuban Rumba and folklore ensemble Los Muñequitos de Matanzas. They have performed his RumbaTap choreography world-wide over the past decade. He is one of very few tap artists who work live with large classical ensembles, having recently performed Morton Gould’s Tap Dance Concerto with the 85 piece Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra. Pollak has published articles on tap dance in several international publications including Dance Magazine; has recorded with Cyro Baptista, Pedrito Martinez, Bobby Sanabria, the Paul Carlon Octet, Grupo Los Santos, TrioNada, and members of the Tito Puente Orchestra. His first CD release as a leader is scheduled for this fall, featuring ground-breaking new recording techniques for tap dance on custom-designed tap boxes and daring arrangements with a saxophone quartet, a marimba, three tuned gourds and three vocalists. He has appeared in films and documentaries including the critically claimed Como Se Forma Una Rumba with some of Cuba’s most prestigious salsa musicians; and was the tap coach for lead actor Pablo Veron on the Sally Potter film The Tango Lesson.

Grupo Los Santos are five world-class artists bring together their experience of New York inspired jazz and cuban folklore song and dance to create an unforgettable experience featuring the rumbatap of Max Pollak. Don’t miss this great workshop and collaboration of music and dance!!


199150_10150105310793292_4707333_nJessica Rajko received her MFA in Dance and Interdisciplinary Digital Media at Arizona State University in 2009 and her BA in Dance and Psychology at Hope College in 2005. Her arts practice spans from traditional dance performance/choreography to interactive digital art. As a practicing artist, Jessica’s work with movement and digital media includes dance performance, dance for camera, electronic wearables, and interactive installations with movement-based control. She has collaborated artists such as Mary Fitzgerald, David Therrien, Todd Ingalls, Lisa Tolentino, Robert Esler, Casey Farina, and Christopher Martinez. She performed as a company member with A Ludwig Dance Theatre and CONDER/dance Company and has performed in choreography by Ashleigh Leite, Liliana Gomez, Nora Chipaumire, and Keith Johnson, and Charlotte Boye-Christensen.  Jessica taught dance technique at Arizona State University, Grand Canyon University, and Scottsdale Community College before taking a fulltime position as the Artist Services Coordinator for the Arizona Commission on the Arts. She currently teaches regular dance technique class at the Phoenix Center for the Arts. Jessica is the Co-Founder of urbanSTEW, a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire and expand the relevance of digital arts in the community. Through urbanSTEW, Jessica has developed artist workshops, curated interactive art installations, and created multidisciplinary artwork.